Smart Agri Technology BV

Smart Agri Technology was founded by two former students of Agricultural Engineering and Management. They improve cultivation and soil quality with new techniques.

The website will give you an impression of what Smart Agri Technology is about!

Why Smart Agri Technology BV?

Smart Agri Technology BV distinguishes itself from other in the market with a sober and realistic view of the world. By investing in precision farming techniques and robotics, Smart Agri Technology shows the value of these techniques to the market. Risks are therefore kept to a minimum for growers, so that they do not have to invest in this in the first instance. The customer pays for the use of the Robotti and weed free seeded hectares. With the most up to date technology for optimum soil retention and cultivation quality. When the growers think that the technique fits in their system. There is an oppertunity to buy the machines!

For a call please contact:

Jeroen Wolters: +316-20845687

Han Hilbrands: +316-27396063

Dealer of Robotti en Naïo Technology's of the Nothern Netherlands!


Green Eye

This project focuses on mapping plant diseases, growth and nutrition within crops.


Cultivation, technology, advice and soil.

Through accurate cultivation and optimum mechanization with light machines, we offer you weed-free, seeded hectares. For more information, visit the website:




"Towards sustainable agriculture where we feed more people with fewer resources."


Since February 2020 we are a dealer for Robotti and Naïo Technology products in the north of the Netherlands. We do this in collaboration with Abemec. The purpose of this collaboration is to make smart technologies that can be used and used by practitioners practically applicable.

We think that by combining our strengths, new developments can be accelerated in the Dutch agricultural sector. Due to the flexibility of Smart Agri Technology BV as a company and the rise of Doorgrond, the company can demonstrate that the Robotti is well on the market. But it can also be demonstrated that an investment in autonomous tools can be very interesting for an agricultural entrepreneur himself !! See the link below for the entire press release!

AgroIntelli Robotti

Naïo Technology

The Robotti is an autonomous implement carrier with a three-point hitch. The Robotti can be controlled with joysticks to put it in the right place, after which a route can be programmed through which the Robotti travels autonomously across the country.

Through the conventional three-point hitch, every tool can be connected if it fits within the modules of the engines. The Robotti is currently available from 25 hp to 150 hp. The Robotti is available in track widths up to 3.60 meters.

The OZ weeding robot is a smaller robot that is 55 cm wide. The robot is suitable for weeding between the rows of, for example, an orchard. The machine can operate completely autonomously or can be operated manually.

Naïo Technology developed fully electric autonomous machines. The OZ weeding robot and the Dino weeding robot.

The Dino weeding robot is suitable for the larger fields. The robot drives completely electrically and can be equipped with various attributes to meet all circumstances. The machine is particularly focused on lettuce crops and will be expanded with several crops in the near future.

Smart Agri Technology BV

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Smart Agri Technology BV

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